Accessing SharePoint files from Computer

Accessing SharePoint files from Computer

Accessing SharePoint files from Computer


Whilst SharePoint has benefits there are limitations, for example some programs will not let you browse to it to access a file (GalaxKey is one, SIMS is another)

In this case we can add a SharePoint document site to appear similar to how OneDrive can appear in Computer as though it is a local folder.

In the picture on the left you can see

OneDrive – Beckfoot

In the picture on the right you can see

Beckfoot Trust


How do we do it?

Go to the Documents section of the SharePoint you want to access, and you will see a Sync option

Clicking it will bring up a confirmation dialogue – click Open

How do we access it?

If you go to Computer, you can expand the Beckfoot Trust option and see any SharePoint sites you have chosen to sync.

You will see three different icons under Status to show if a file habeen downloaded locally (green tick) or is being accessed through the cloud (cloud) or is being updated (circling arrows)

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