Benefits of Saving to 365

Benefits of Saving to 365

Benefits of saving files to 365


Word automatically saves changes to the file. But where 365 expands on Autosave is by introducing versioning which will save different iterations should you need.

To view different versions all you do is click at the top and choose Version History

This then shows a list of times the file was changed and who made the changes. 

Access Anywhere

Because you are saving to the cloud and not to the schools internal file servers you are able to access those files anywhere else.

You can do this through a browser by logging in to and going to OneDrive or you can do it by signing into the office application (Word, Excel etc.) with your school email address.

**When using a shared computer always make sure you sign back out again**

Shared Access

One of the best advantages that sharing online has over traditional file shares is the way sharing can work.

Nested Sharing

Sometimes you need to give access to a single file that could be within an area that someone doesn’t have access.

With sharing from Office 365 you can share this single file with anyone without them having to get to it through the folders above. I can share this file to anyone in the Trust but they don’t need to have access to all my files.

Students can share their work with you from their own areas. You always have access to the work as it changes. No need to be emailed updated files. No shared folders that other students can access.

Multi-User Access / Collaboration

Have you ever had a spreadsheet that you needed a few people to enter details into but they were always finding it in use by someone else?

When sharing in 365 that’s not a problem as multiple people can open the same file at the same time, and still make changes to it. Everyone with access can even see who is doing what in real time.

Imagine multiple science classes doing the same experiment in different rooms but seeing the result data from other classes all appearing live to compare with each other’s results.

Maybe you need everyone in your department to enter data into a single spreadsheet, now they don’t need to wait until other people have entered theirs to be able to access the file.

Instantly Updated

If you minute meetings using a document in 365, then anyone with access can see the minutes as they happen. If someone was unable to attend the meeting they can still see the progress as that document is updated. They could even comment on the notes.

Permission Control

You can share files with one personmany or whole groups

You can even give some people the ability to edit the file but restrict others to only view.

Access Auditing

You can check who has viewed file, so you can see if it is popular and you can also check who has made what changes. 

Click the i in the top right of the window in OneDrive

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