Getting to SharePoint and OneDrive resources quickly

Getting to SharePoint and OneDrive resources quickly

Getting to SharePoint resources quickly

You’ll probably find that whilst there are a lot of resources in the SharePoint sites you have access to, there are specific things you need more often than most.

Here are some options to speed up accessing areas those areas in SharePoint.



Remember I mentioned Syncing SharePoint documents into the computer file area? Well, you can Sync any folder the same way. If you use subfolders of a SharePoint Documents folder, you can sync direct to them.


Here you can see we are in THO Maths Staff – Documents – 001 Schemes of Learning. But this could be any SharePoint folder, even one 10 folders deep.

Click the Sync button.




Here you can now see that we can get straight to Schemes of Learning


Create shortcuts in OneDrive

Please note that you cannot Sync and Shortcut to content in the same SharePoint site.


Click this button of the folder you want to shortcut


This will put a link direct into your OneDrive



Remember that OneDrive is available in Computer, so the shortcut also appears there 




Search from the Start Menu

You can search for content on the Start Menu just by typing the name

This works better over time as the system learns what is most relevant to you.

The next methods may get better results until you have done a few searches

Searching in SharePoint


If you know the name of the file that you want or the folder it is in then you can search for it.

Say you’re teaching about Midpoint and Length. Search for it in the top SharePoint bar.



Searching in SharePoint continued

You can just search in the main SharePoint box and you will get results from each site you have access to.

Here you can see a result for ‘laptops’ finds my files in:

  1. OneDrive
  2. THO Computer Staff
  3. THO All Staff
  4. Trust IT Managers

Of course, if you opened the site you knew it was in then your results will be narrowed down.

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