How to share files and folders outside the organization

How to share files and folders outside the organization

How to share files and folders outside the organization

You will have realised by now that the security level in Office 365, including SharePoint and OneDrive, does not let you share out of the organization easily. 

However, as you will also have realised by now, Office 365 is more flexible and often there is a way to do what you want if you can figure it out.

Why does this situation exist?

The system needs to verify that the email address accessing the files is meant to have access. External contacts emails are not registered in our Organization and putting them in a To box in email doesn’t register them.

So how can you share files or folders to external contacts?

The following steps will add external email addresses into the system as guests.

  1. Highlight what you want to share

  1. In the send link box click ‘People in Beckfoot Trust with the link can view’

  1. In the link settings box select Specific people  and then click Apply

You can tick the Allow editing button if that is required

  1. Type the entire email address and press Enter 

  1. This will show the contact is outside the organization and you can send the link

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