Introduction to OneDrive and Sharepoint

Introduction to OneDrive and Sharepoint

Introduction to OneDrive and Sharepoint

OneDrive is where your personal files are stored. Think of it as your Documents folder.

SharePoint is where shared files are stored. Think of it as the Staff Drive.

You can follow these steps on any computer, it doesn't need to be a laptop or computer that is school specific.

You do not need to connect to Remote Desktop to access Office 365

Accessing OneDrive

Log in to Office 365

Click the ‘waffle’ menu

Click OneDrive and it will load your files

This is what OneDrive looks like

You can navigate through just by clicking the items and you can open documents right inside the browser to edit them.

Other Options

You will see more options on the left-hand side.

My files

will return you to the original file list after visiting other areas


shows you files you recently accessed across both OneDrive and Sharepoint


Shared with you - shows files which are shared with you by others

Shared by you – shows files which you have shared with others


Shows files that you have access to that other people have used recently.

Recycle Bin

If you’ve accidentally deleted something, here is where you can get it back again. Select the item you want to restore and choose the Restore option to put it back.

Accessing Sharepoint

Log in to Office 365

Click the ‘waffle’ menu

Click SharePoint

Search for APS Staff and find it in the Sites list.

SharePoint Options

Here is a quick overview of the options we have.



This page can be customised by the site owner to contain all sorts. By default it shows New, Documents in the site and recent activity


Group Chat similar to Teams


The documents in the group. This is like part like Staff Drive


OneNotes included with the site

Pages and Site Content

These are just for editing the look of the Sharepoint site

Recycle Bin

To restore anything deleted by accident


Site Owners can add, remove and organise these options to be more relevant to what they need in this group

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