Using Office 365 Desktop Apps

Using Office 365 Desktop Apps

Using Office 365 Desktop Apps


You can download and install the Office apps for free.

Go to and sign in with your school email address.

Click on the Install button and follow the instructions.

Open and Save

The biggest difference with this version is that you are able to navigate your OneDrive and SharePoint groups from the Open and Save menus without having to load your browser to access the files.

Here you can see that my OneDrive lists folders as normal that I can click into to access them

You can do the same with any SharePoint sites you have access to. Here the list is organised by use frequency instead of alphabetically.

It is the same for saving documents. Each SharePoint site has a Documents folder.


Just like in the web apps, more than one person can open and work on a document at the same time. You can see if and where others are on the same file from the icon in the top right. 

Hover over a person to see their location

AutoSave and Version History

The other big changes are document reliability. Here you can see that AutoSave is on so all changes will automatically be saved and when the file is closed a new ‘Version’ is created as an invisible backup.

On the menu bar next to the document name there is the last modified date and an arrow.

If you click this arrow you can rename the file, see its location and access the Version History.

This shows you who last made changes and when. 

If something needs to be undone viewing the previous version reveals a Restore button.

Automatic Updates

Office 365 updates automatically each month. These changes are transparent but as a whole lead to an improving product.

You can find out about the newest changes on the Microsoft Office website here 

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