Working with two screens

Working with two screens

You can change how your computer works across two screens. Your second screen could be a projector, or interactive whiteboard.

Most of the time, you will want to duplicate what you have on your main screen to your second screen.  Sometimes you may wish to use the two screens separately, for example when you want to have SIMS open to complete your register, while showing resources to your students.

You can toggle between the different modes by pressing the Windows Key and P

On your keybaord, press the Windows Key on and P at the same time.

You can then switch between the different modes by continuing to hold the Windows key, and pressing P.

You can show content on either just your main or second screen, duplicate both, or extend your desktop across both screens.

In extend mode, you may have to experiment moving windows between the two screens. Try dragging the window you want to show to your audience to one side of your main screen, you will hopefully see it move to your second screen. If it doesn't move across, try moving it to the other side of your screen. The way your screens are positioned in reality might not match where your computer thinks they are, but this can be changed in your display settings.